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9 thoughts on being an empath

I've been digging through different resources for you and there's an idea about empaths that I don't like and want your thoughts on.
Do you believe empaths are more sensitive to negative energies than positive ones? I don't.
I promise that when I'm done with prepping the forum I'll have a more coh...

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Why the Skulls?

When you look at a lot of ritual tools it's understandable why witches are so misunderstood. Of all the items we use it is skulls that get me the most side-eyed looks.

So if we are using white magic why do we use skulls?

Quite simply skulls, whether they be wooden, crystal or real, are a metaphor,...

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What color candles and how many should I use?

Flame and incense are powerful tools for connecting with the deceased. Realistically a witch can connect with a candle of any color if the need and connection is strong enough. That being said, color is an important element to me when I have time to prepare a ritual.
You will hear a number of answer...

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Smudge Kits?

In many occult shops you will see smudging kits with abalone shells. For many this is considered offensive as the abalone is endangered and as a symbol of water is not appropriate for fire ritual, making its use wrong ethically and magickally. You will also see feathers in smudging kits; they may be...

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What Should I look for in a Smudge?

Make sure that the smudge spray uses essential oils, not fragrances, to call on the energetic vibration of the plant and create the actual effect for you. A lot of sprays contain synthetic fragrances that smell strong and last forever, like a Twinkee. They don't clear anything, they just make the ro...

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