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  • wiccan empath stone red tourmaline rubellite
  • wiccan empath stone red tourmaline rubellite

Wiccan Necklace with Empath Stone Red Tourmaline, Tumbled Rubellite in Silver Pendant for healing & love magic, Great bridal gift

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Wiccan Necklace with Empath Stone Red Tourmaline (also known as Tumbled Rubellite) in Silver Pendant for Beltane, healing & love magic.

Great bridal gift.

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This Wiccan necklace with the empath stone Red Tourmaline brings love and chakra balancing for witches; the tumbled Rubellite, another name for Red Tourmaline, sits in a flower shaped silver plated pendant and comes with an 18″ silver plated Chain so that after charge the talisman during your ritual you can wear it for everyday healing & love magic – a GREAT bridal gift.

Red Tourmaline, also known as rubellite, is the stone of the perfected heart – one that is strong, vital, and full of passion for love and life. This Tourmaline’s ruby red color energy creates a vibrational pattern that resonates deeper with the Heart Chakra than other heart-stones. It links not only to the heart of the Earth, but opens to love that goes beyond human relationships.

Tumbled red tourmaline is uncommon; I have placed these stones in silver plated pendants on an 18″ silver plated chain Wiccan necklace to stay close to your heart, to escalate, protect and expand.

All tourmaline provides protection so this is a really good option for empaths who feel hesitation about getting in a relationship again. Feel safe wearing this Wiccan necklace next to your heart.

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Know your stones? Borrow one from my shelf  (Simmons & Ahsian, The Book of Stones)

  • Red Tourmaline – Rubellite, also known as Red Tourmaline, … vibrates in deep resonance with the heart chakra. It goes deeper than other heart stones, which may activate this energy center and stimulate loving feelings. It strengthens one’s heart and links it to the heart of the Earth. It has the potential to open one to love that goes beyond human relationships – the love that permeates the Universe. … Rubellite benefits the emotional heart as well. It allows one to draw upon Universal Love energies when one is working to heal emotional wounds. It reminds one that ‘heartbreak’ can mean ‘heart opening,’ and that grief can be as valuable as joy. It helps those who have fallen into numbness – either as a result of personal trauma or simply because of the depressing onslaughts of everyday life – to find their way back into feeling. It aids those who have become passive in rediscovering their zest for living. … Though it does not directly affect the sexual parts of the body, it can be a wonderful psychological aphrodisiac. Rubellite stimulates the root chakra as well as the heart. It brings an increased flow of prana or life-force energies, and it can be a grounding influence, especially for the emotions. Like Ruby, it stimulates courage and inspires one to be a protector of all that one loves. It enhances one’s capacity to make and fulfill commitments, if they are inspired by love…. Rubellite Tourmaline combines the energies of the Water and Earth elements. It helps one overcome fears about abundance, survival, stability and safety, as it soothes the emotional body and opens the heart. Rubellite is an ally for those who have had difficulty feeling at home in the world and their lives. It can help the emotionally isolated feel connected to the world. It is a preeminent heart-healing stone but also heals limiting patterns within the first chakra, helping one feel both more loving and more loved, protected and supported. Rubellite’s ability to balance the base and heart chakras enables on to connect with true abundance – the sense that all we need is provided by Spirit. It assists one in opening to perceive and receive abundance, so one can feel more at peace and fulfilled. It is an excellent stone for those who are desperate and fearful, as it gives on the courage to face difficulty and pain. In circumstances where one feels physically threatened, Rubellite can assist one in finding the inner courage and strength to face and change the situation. … Affirmation: I align my heart with the Heart of the Earth and the Heart of the Universe, casting the drops of my love into the ocean of Love that permeates All.

Why do I need an oil for my spiritual practice?
• Scent is such a powerful and underappreciated sense. It connects your awareness to memories, it heals you and inspires you. Adding scent to your meditation intensifies your experience.
• Energetically essential oils and herbs carry the vibration of the plant that they are derived from. When you use a natural oil, incense, spray, salve or candle you are adding the magical properties of the plant’s vibration to your own, strengthening your ritual.
• Empath Self Care. Think of it as self-care for what makes you drawn to the practice. Because empaths are so sensitive to energy it is only natural that so many are drawn to the Craft where you learn how to flow with the energy around you and direct it towards your intention. The essential oils for each recipe is selected specifically for a mix of magical AND aromatherapy reasons, including to heal the strain of carrying others energy all day, every day.
• Novice Looking for Connection. It’s wonderful when you can join open groups to learn witchcraft but it’s hard to really experience the joy when there are no covens accepting new witches in your area and you second guess yourself at every step . Having prepared tools can assist you in feeling comfortable with what you are doing as a solitary practitioner. You can also check out my blog and view “inserts” to see rituals for past Sabbats, etc.
• Blocked or Trying to Reconnect with your Spiritual Practice or Just Human and Really Busy? Realistically all witches get bogged down in the day to day and can kind of half-a** it in a ritual, time that we have set aside to connect with our deepest beliefs. You know how good it is for you to really connect to Divine energy but you can’t get out of your head enough to get there; bringing oils to your practice can help get you there.

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Legal Disclaimer – I take spiritual work very seriously, but the law requires that all paranormal items be sold for entertainment purposes only. You must be at least 18 years old. I am not responsible for anything that happens or does not happen as a result of this product. Services should never be considered as a substitute for medical, legal or psychological advice.


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