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Grounded essential oil spray with Wicca oils and rose water to ground, center, soothe anxiety & provide empath protection through the thinning veil




The Grounded essential oil spray uses essential oils and crystal healing to help you in grounding and centering, providing deep empath protection while it soothes anxiety as the veil thins; it provides deep purification with a mellow vibe that welcomes loving spirits such an ancestors of the divine while repelling negative energies.

Imagine stepping out of the house feeling grounded and in control of which energies affect you, especially in this time of heavy activity from spirits and negative energies that can affect all of us whether we are conscious of it or not.

The ancients understood the importance of grounding our souls, calming the mind and nurturing our spiritual side, a practice the modern wellness movement is just starting to embrace. Cultures of old used meditation and prayer to guide them and deliver insights and their tools have stood the test of time and the knowledge of the ancients inform the lush ingredients in Grounded essential oil spray, from biblical literature, sacred historical texts and practices of indigenous cultures.

trav grounded wiccan kit bowl

The essential oils and crystals that comprise Grounded essential oil spray have long been associated with the Divine, from the essential oils that vibrate at such a high frequency they are close to the vibration of angels, making it easy to call on them (known as Angelic fragrances) to the ‘holy wood’ Palo Santo that creates a bridge to the Divine to ingredients so sacred that biblical texts cite them as gifts to the baby Jesus to the stones seen as the blood of the earth to connect us deeply with Gaia, Isis, Mother Earth.

We now better understand the mechanism of these ingredients that ancient cultures understood on a deeply intuitive level, bringing tranquility, dispelling negativity and calming the central nervous system so that the soul can be nurtured and healed.

grounded wiccan kit glow

You can trust these ingredients, tested by time and informed by the wisdom of diverse ancient cultures. Embrace the joy of shadow season with the flexibility this spray gives you to engage in spirit communication with ancestors, to seek insights from the Divine, or to soothe your system with quiet healing as you shut the world out. You are in control; breathe easy and feel the tranquility that these tools bring to nurture your soul.

The Power of Grounded Essential Oil Spray

trav grounded wiccan kit petals

Flexibility is key to life; you can never predict how exactly you’ll feel, what the energy will be like or anticipate a new insight that changes your goals; this spray is here to accommodate. Grounded essential oil spray deeply grounds and purifies but sacred Palo Santo gives this spray a mellow soothing energy that is inviting to loved ones, spirit guides and the Divine. It includes Red Jasper, thought of as the blood of Mother Earth or Isis and deeply protective with this mamma energy, Black Obsidian, a powerful purifier, grounder, and dispeller of negative energy, and Smoky Quartz. Rose Water intensifies its Angelic fragrance and keeps the vibration of your space HIGH.

grounded wicca oil palette

Let yourself breathe easy this shadow season and inhale deeply Grounded essential oil spray.

Available in 10 ml, 15 ml (glass), or 20 ml bottles

Also available as Grounded Wicca Oil Rollerball Perfume or in the Grounded Wiccan Kit

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Spray size

10 ml plastic, 15 ml glass, 20 ml plastic


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