• Fairy Realm Spray Balance Wiccan for Mabon with Connect Flying Ointment
  • plus balance wiccan kit for mabon
  • fairy realm essential oil spray
  • Balance Wiccan for Mabon with Connect Flying Ointment
  • fairy realm spray balance wiccan kit
  • fairy realm spray balance wiccan kit
  • fairy realm balance wiccan kit

Fairy Realm Wicca Essential Oil Spray with empath crystals, grounding witch Essential oils 4 spellwork, magical work, meditation, divination



Fairy Realm Wicca Essential Oil Spray with empath crystals – Sweet, warm, nurturing, comforting and grounding – this blend of essential oils and crystals was inspired by the connection and nurturing you feel through nature grounding, that soul healing that comes from a walk in the woods. Blending earthy, sweet and sacred, this spray is like a blanket of protection and love wrapped around you.

fairy realm balance wiccan kit

Featuring essential oils such as Rose, Frankincense, Amber, Benzoin, Patchouli, and Blood Orange , supported by Bl Tourmaline, Moonstone, Gold Sheen Obsidian, and Garnet, as well as Moss Agate and Amazonite.

Packaged in a 15 ml clear glass spray bottle.

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plus balance wiccan kit for mabon

Want to learn more about stones? Borrow a book from my shelf     – These entries are from The Book of Stones by Simmons and Ahsian

  1. Amazonite – Amazonite is a stone of harmony, both within the self and among people. It is a truth-teller and a peacemaker, assisting one in communicating one’s true thoughts and feelings without ever-emotionalism. This is the first step towards both inner and outer peace. The second step is activated by Amazonite’s awakening of compassion through stimulation of the heart chakra… Meditation with Amazonite makes everything more conscious, so one can listen to and integrate all aspects of the self. Because it is a stone of truth, one can trust the visions, dreams and intuitions that surface while working with Amazonite. Amazonite can also empower us in manifesting our dreams and desires. It is a magnifier of our intentions…Affirmation: I speak and live my highest truth, and I call forth its manifestation in the world.
  2. Garnet – Garnet are tools for making the products of the creative imagination manifest in the three-dimensional world. The various kinds of Garnet are keyed to different types and levels of manifestation, but all are good for grounding one’s dreams and desires in the physical domain. All types of Garnet carry the energy of prosperity and the enjoyment of worldly pleasures. … Almandine Garnet is a stone of the ancient times in human history when people were more intimately connected to the Earth, and when life was more physically demanding. Its energies are very Earth-connected, and it can vibrationally enhance one’s vitality and endurance. Almandine Garnet activated and strengthens the base chakra, our portal of connection to the physical world. It is an excellent stone for those who are a bit ungrounded or who lack energy. This is also a stone of tangible truth. If one tends to build ‘castles in the air’ Almandine Garnet can assist one in manifesting a realistic version of them here on Earth. And if they are a bit less grand than one’s dreams, at least they are genuine. … Almandine Garnet is also a stone of psychic protection. Its relatively dense energies keep one strongly connected to the body, and when one if rooted in this way, it is more difficult for negative energies or entities to attach themselves. … It helps alleviate worry, panic and fear and assists one in maintaining a sense of calm and grounded connection to the present. It allows one to perceive the absolute support of the Universe and its provision of all of one’s needs. Almandine Garnet assists on in connecting with the physical body and finding joy in the physical world. … Affirmation: I am grounded and secure in my physical body and I draw from the deep wells of strength and vitality.
  3. Moonstone – Moonstone is the gem of the High Priestess, keeper of the feminine mysteries. In its reflected light we can project and thereby observe the hidden truths that reside in the depths of ourselves, out of the light of consciousness. Moonstone is a talisman for the inward journey, and meditation with it can take one deep into the self. What is revealed there is often recognized as the missing piece or pieces of the puzzle of one’s life – parts of the soul that have been left behind or forgotten. Moonstone can also take one on a journey into past lives. It is an ideal stone to wear during past-life regression sessions. It can reveal to women their feminine power and their connection to the goddess. For men, it allows the expression of the feminine side, an important step on the path to wholeness. …Moonstone has long been valued in helping one move closer to the Great Mother. When Moonstone is employed by females, it initiates the kundalini energy and promotes the psychic ability of clairvoyance. When utilized by males, it stimulates the right side of the brain, encouraging nonlinear thinking and emotional balance. In both sexes its frequency aids in clearing the aura, activating the sixth and seventh chakras and the central chakric column of energy. …Moonstone asks us to celebrate the milestones and rites of passage each new cycle brings. Just as the moon herself grows full and wanes, so, too, do the aspects of our lives. …. Affirmation: I call forth the energies of the deep Feminine and I open myself to the inner gifts of the goddess.
  4. Moss Agate – The deep, clear energy of Moss Agate assists one in connecting with Earth energy and the devic realm. The stone is grounding in the sense that is assists one in connecting to the Earth, at the same time that it stimulates psychic contact with elementals and Nature spirits. Moss Agate can be employed to assist one in bringing ideas and concepts into being through its grounding influence. It is an excellent stone for use in abundance work, as it promotes the sense of the all things being provided for us within creation. Its energy is supportive to physical health, wealth and spiritual understanding of all aspects of the natural world. … Affirmation: I am balanced and stable, health and whole and at home on the Earth.
  5. Obsidian (Gold Sheen) – These stones, like other varieties of Obsidian, are good for clearing negative energies and purifying one’s auric field. … Gold Sheen Obsidian assists in clearing issues of the Will. It is an excellent stone for perpetrators and victims of abuse who wish to clear all aspects of power abuse from their energetic systems. It is a powerful stone for exposing ego motivations and assisting one in realigning one’s power and action with Divine Will. The frequency of Gold Sheen Obsidian also acts as a communication channel through which one can connect with entities and beings on the Earth. … Affirmation: I heal all past abuses of power and attune myself to the manifestation of Divine Will.
  6. Black Tourmaline – Black Tourmaline crystals are ideal for psychic protection for anyone who must work or live in challenging places or circumstances. Carrying or meditating with one of these stones can keep one’s auric field clear of imbalance, even in the presence of destructive energies. We all know that we often encounter individuals or situations that emanate ‘bad vibes’. Indeed, we can sometimes broadcast them ourselves. Black Tourmaline crystals act like etheric vacuum cleaners, clearing oneself and one’s surroundings of negativity and disharmony. In addition, where such influences are not a problem, Black Tourmaline can provide high levels of purification which serve to elevate one’s consciousness. Another application for Black Tourmaline is in etheric purification. Carrying one of these stones in the pocket, holding one in meditation, or sleeping with one in the pillowcase will provide a refreshing dose of cleansing for the auric field and all dimensions of the etheric body. This clearing influence can even echo down into the physical form. These crystals are also recommended for ridding oneself of negative thoughts, anxieties, anger and ideas of unworthiness. The purification available through Black Tourmaline is powerful, and it is an energy needed by all of us in these challenging times. … It has the ability to transmute and purify negative energy, turning it into usable energy. This is especially important as one fully opens one’s psychic and empathic abilities – Black Tourmaline acts to protect one’s energy field against attachments, entities and energetic debris. Black Tourmaline is also an electrical gemstone and can be used to purify and regulate the electrical and other energetic systems of the body. It is especially useful for those who experience high levels of stress in their work or home lives…. Affirmation: I banish all negative attachments, within and without. I am purified, grounded and centered upon the Earth.


the Balance Wiccan Kit for Mabon Meditation Tools


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