• wiccan kit empath energy
  • wiccan kit empath energy
  • wiccan kit empath energy
  • wiccan kit empath energy
  • wiccan kit empath energy

Travel Empath Energy Wiccan Kit for Empowerment, You Pick Witch Altar Kit for positive energy, Essential Oil Meditation Tools for Clairsentient Empaths


This Wiccan kit for empath energy and empowerment lets you pick your stone and incense so that your empath protection tools are tailored to your taste, intensifying your experience.



This Travel Empath Energy Wiccan kit for  empowerment lets you pick your stone and incense so that your empath essential oil meditation tools are tailored to your taste, intensifying your experience.

We hear often that the key to life is to not let others disturb our peace but some people make this really hard. Just like there are people who make our hearts flutter, there are people who unsettle us wordlessly, just by entering the room. And we all have times when we cannot avoid being around them.

Workplaces, events with extended family, acquaintances – our everyday life can often seem like a navigation away from people who suck our energy dry. This kit helps you to center on yourself again, to give you room to breathe free of psychic vampires and psychopaths that are drawn to empaths like a magnet.

Empath kits are just that, tools that an empath will need for a specific goal/ritual. Each of the items within the sets can be purchased individually, however, I felt the need to put together an empath witch support package because it is very important that empaths take care of themselves. By taking care of yourself, as an empath, the rituals and spells you perform will be clearer, stronger, and more accurate. The tools within this travel empath energy wiccan kit will help you attain clearness and focus.

Included in the Travel Empath Energy Wiccan Kit:

empath energy wiccan kit

  • Dragonfly Wicca Oil (2 ml) – This happy energizing essential oil blend dominated by grapefruit and geranium is carefully crafted to lift your spirit and help you find motivation. Marjoram and other Wicca oils work to ground you and clear old negative energy holding you down. Packaged with a steel roller ball & diluted.
  • Flying Oil Flying Ointment (non-toxic, travel) – All of the essential oils in this salve are carefully selected to relax you and expand your consciousness. Not only is it calming and comforting, it will help you to understand and find solutions.
  • Loose Incense (.1 oz) – choose between
    • Protection Loose Incense – One way an empath can safeguard their home from outside influences is by burning this cleansing incense. Gain peace and protection when using this loose incense prior to performing ritual, cleanse a space, or whenever you feel the need. Each essential oil and herb used in this loose incense has been carefully selected by me and charge in my workshop for maximum effectiveness.
    • Moon Loose Incense – featuring violet and jasmine this incense is for intense inner work and meditations
    • Nymph Nectar Loose Incense – sweet and gentle, this incense is great for work on self-love or love magic
    • Sacred Loose Incense– This classic blend of Wicca oils, resins and herbs is a twist on the old Catholic monk recipe to honor above as below. The mix of frankincense, myrrh & cardamom is suitable for any magic.
  • 1 empath stone – choose between the stones listed below. Want to learn more? Check out the stone descriptions here.
    • Amethyst, Deep Purple
    • Carnelian
    • Epidote
    • Unakite

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you pick wiccan kits loose incense


Also available in a regular Empath Energy & Empowerment Wiccan Kit version with

  • Dragonfly Empath Wicca Oil – 5ml
  • Flying Oil non toxic Flying Ointment – small
  • Loose Incense – .1 oz
  • 1 empath stone

Dragonfly Wicca oil

Happy customers said about the Travel Empath Energy Wiccan Kit

  • ***** We shall see how it works for me. Smells good.
  • *****
  • ***** Really happy and such good customer service thanks so much!

Why do I need an oil for my spiritual practice?

  • Scent is such a powerful and underappreciated sense. It connects your awareness to memories, it heals you and inspires you.
  • Energetically essential oils and herbs carry the vibration of the plant that they are derived from. When you use a natural oil, incense, spray, salve or candle you are adding the magical properties of the plant’s vibration to your own, strengthening your ritual.
  • Empath Self Care. Think of it as self-care for what makes you drawn to the practice. Because empaths are so sensitive to energy it is only natural that so many are drawn to the Craft where you learn how to flow with the energy around you and direct it towards your intention. The essential oils for each recipe is selected specifically for a mix of magical AND aromatherapy reasons, including to heal the strain of carrying others energy all day, every day.
  • Novice Looking for Connection. It’s wonderful when you can join open groups to learn witchcraft but it’s hard to really experience the joy when there are no covens accepting in your area and you second guess yourself at every step . Having prepared essential oil tools can assist you in feeling comfortable with what you are doing as a solitary practitioner. You can also check out my blog and view “inserts” to see rituals for past Sabbats, etc.
  • Blocked or Trying to Reconnect with your Spiritual Practice or Just Human and Really Busy? Realistically we all get bogged down in the day to day and can kind of half-a** it in a ritual, time that we have set aside to connect with our deepest beliefs. You know how good it is for you to really connect to Divine energy but you can’t get out of your head enough to get there; bringing oils to your practice can help get you there.


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Legal Disclaimer – I take spiritual work very seriously, but the law requires that all paranormal items be sold for entertainment purposes only. You must be at least 18 years old. I am not responsible for anything that happens or does not happen as a result of this product. Services should never be considered as a substitute for medical, legal or psychological advice.

>>> I work as a spiritual guide & share my practice with those new to the Craft. My potions are charged with love & positive energy – connecting with these intentions is the key to real Magick.

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Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 4 in
Stone type

Amethyst, Carnelian, tumbled, Epidote, Unakite

Incense scent

Moon, Nymph Nectar, Protection, Sacred


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