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Litha asides

In terms of the veil, this time of year is as energetically disruptive as Samhain (Halloween). Make sure to take time to take care of yourself; take advantage of the beautiful day and ground yourself by walking barefoot through lush grass.

Missing Items?

We all slip into the head space where we move too quickly and the items on our to-do list become more important than where we are in the current moment. That is the time that my car keys will suddenly disappear or the cap to my cup.

At those times you can sink further into frustration and misplaced focus or you can stop, breathe, and smile. In standing still in awareness of your current space you release the control of the future and might-bes to enjoy right now. It’s one of the oldest spiritual lessons around but it’s also the most beautiful lesson that I have learned from the fairies, who I believe watch for those moments of mindlessness and feel justified in mischief with the spiritually asleep.

On-The-Go Altars

It’s so rewarding to take ritual outside this time of year, and if there was ever a night to try it, it’s Litha.

We’ve all seen gorgeous pictures of outdoor altars  but that’s not always practical.  If you’re like most people, you just want to be able to have a candle and burn a little incense.

My favorite hack?
Mason Jars.

There is no problem that mason jars can not solve. I like to keep a few aside with tea light candles and sand. A jar filled with sand is perfect for a cauldron and is certainly more discreet than a bonfire. You can simply put a charcoal disc on the sand for incense, offerings, etc. You can scoop it out or pour it out when you’re done.

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