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Happy Spring! Celebrate Ostara through balance

How often do you hear people say that they have their best idea’s in the shower? Connecting with that dreamy Pisces water element is healing and inspiring and helps you tap better into your own intuition.

For Ostara I made a Psychic Visions Bath Salt and I wanted to share the process with you. Bath salts are easy to craft and a practice you should definitely be doing.

When making salts you can use as many different ingredients as you would like, from the one ingredient basic salt bath with Epsom Salts to bath bomb fuzziness (googling bath bombs will explain using citric acid, etc). Most commonly used are

  • Epsom Salts- a basic magnesium sulfate salt that soothes physically and emotionally; someone once told me to think about taking a bath in ocean water
  • Himalayan – beautiful deep coral and pink; nutrient dense; common secondary salt to Epsom in salt blends
  • Dead Sea – nutrient dense; dingy white/gray in color; not used as often as Himalayan for aesthetic reasons
  • Dendritic – fine salt that is used in salts blends for aesthetic reasons; geometrical shape of dendritic salts allow them to hold more essential oil than other salts, allowing a salt blend to carry a stronger scent and therapeutic experience; reduces clumping of salt blends and for this reason is used in spa blends and commercial blends though you may not see it listed

I used Epsom, Himalayan, and Dendritic in my blends. I had been rotating between Himalayan and Dead Sea as the secondary salt but everyone missed the pink 🙂

I love flowers in a bath! Scooping up a handful of blossoms from the water and smelling the beautiful scent when you rub your hands together is on of the joys of taking a bath. For obvious plumbing reasons you want to be cautious when adding herbs. I like to use a coffee grinder when a woody herb is important to a blend. When you are selecting your ingredients for magickal purposes just keep in mind that the scent has to be enjoyable when you are surrounded by it for about 1/2 hour and you are going to have to clean it up 🙂

Common flowers are

  • Lavender
  • Chamomile
  • Rose
  • Jasmine
  • Rosemary
  • Calendula or Marigold

Don’t let plumbing keep you from enjoying a salt bath. The strongest scents will geniunely come from essential oils so skip the herbs and flowers if you are worried about your tub. There are also tricks for getting the smell and therapy of a bath without the mess

  • Bath tea bags – I love these and we have them at the store now. It’s just like taking a bath in a cup of tea. You can add as many herbs as want to your bath sized tea bag, iron the edge to seal it shut, and you get all the magickal benefit without having lavender buds stuck to your back. 🙂
  • Tub strainer – though I like having woodier herbs in a bath tea bag, I love having blossoms around me in the tub. You can devise your own strainer for the tub drain or buy a plastic or metal screen/strainer from almost any retailer that carries common home items (my current one is from Amazon and it was under $5). They ease clean up, prevent clogs, and allow you to fully experience all the ingredients in your magic.

Essential Oils

Your main focus in salt bath additives (aside from salt) should be in essential oils. You can use fragrance oils and absolutes depending on your sensitivity and budget but I stick to essentials. If you stay in a tub for 1/2 hour your body will absorb what it is submerged in. In addition, aromatherapy and magick operate on the energy that is the real plant, not a knock-off. There are SO many therapeutic and powerful essential oils that are also very inexpensive. I am including a couple books to the right that I find very informative when I am looking for fast information.

When you have selected all your ingredients I like to combine the herbs, cut and ground, first in a wooden bowl. Squeeze them in your writing hand feeling their power and charging them with your intention. Add your salts except for the Dendritic. Stir lightly. Add your essential oils stirring after every addition to distribute liquid evenly. Do not apply too much oil. When you are finished with the oils add Dendritic salts if desired. Stir again.

Let the salts sit overnight in wooden bowl with a towel or paper towels covering loosely so the salts can breathe. Too much liquid will create salts that have a wet sand look, cause clumping, and distort the smell. Make sure that any excess has a chance to evaporate. Once done transfer your salts to an air tight glass container. Do not use plastic or metal – plastic absorbs and distorts essential oils while the salts absorb a plastic scent – stick with glass.

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