Wanna Win a Free Travel Beltane Wiccan Kit



The Travel Beltane Goddess Wiccan Kit / Ritual kit for empaths includes

  • Goddess Oil (2 ml) – Jasmine Sambac, Rosewood, Frankincense, Tonka Bean, Vanilla – imagine the ancient, the sweet, the mystical – protected and gorgeous. Goddess Oil is complex and gentle like the Goddess herself with depth to guide and comfort you on every step of your journey.
  • Nymph Nectar Loose Incense (.1 oz) – Nymph Nectar Wicca oil loose incense, crafted with empath herbs & my secret witchcraft essential oil blend, is more than a great bridal gift with an amazing smell; this subtle incense is a powerful love magic and Beltane ritual kit tool. Light sweet scents dominate this incense that is magically powerful yet leaves a delicate signature in the air. Inspired by the spirits that renew the beauty of nature use this blend to connect with your inner nymph while filling your space with tuberose, lemon verbena, sandalwood, and sweet orange.
  • Cerridwen’s Cauldron Flying Ointment for Lucid Dreaming (3 ml) – This lucid dreaming witches flying ointment is fresh and sweeter than typical flying ointments. The dominant scent is Neroli and the immediate feelings are sensual and deep forest magic. The real magic happens when you go to sleep however; Calea Zacatechichi is the secret ingredient, called the dream herb because of it’s ability to promote more meaningful, vivid dreams and potential for lucid dreams.
  • Red Tourmaline (1 stone, rough) – Red Tourmaline, also known as rubellite, is the stone of the perfected heart – one that is strong, vital, and full of passion for love and life. This Tourmaline’s combination of vibrant pink and ruby red color energy creates a vibrational pattern that resonates deeper with the Heart Chakra than other heart-stones. It links not only to the heart of the Earth, but opens to love that goes beyond human relationships.