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This is always a very tricky and personal question. Honestly we are all different in our tolerance and our sensitivities and I would like to be very clear that my ointments are tools for meditation. I make no promises for magical results with any of my products and I do not get involved with spells or other’s magical works. I am simply here to spread peace and I believe that each of these tools helps us on the work that we all have to do on our spiritual journey. This also means that these tools are not for daily use – they are to help you set the right patterns for yourself. Empaths are generally over-medicated; these products are not meant to be replacements.

The safest option for anyone is Flying Oil, the non-toxic witches flying ointment that uses aromatherapy and herbalism to create a relaxed and meditative state.

The other flying ointments use herbs that can be too harsh for many sensitives. I use tinctures to tightly control concentrations so that these salves are effective and safe, but please know that we all can have allergies and any item should be tested in  a small amount first for any adverse effects, and if you are pregnant, you should use extra care before using ANY product; natural doesn’t always mean health for baby. Any products should be kept away from pets or children – treat them with the respect accorded to sacred items and keep them safely with your ritual tools.

Cerridwen’s Cauldron for Lucid Dreaming uses Calea and I find this to be a powerful tool for introspection. When I need to find out what’s going on in my head, this is the one I grab.

Wild Lettuce is deeply soothing and relaxing. This salve is great for when your hamster wheel mind won’t stop spinning so that you can meditate. The key is to explore why – don’t use this just to quiet your mind.

Mandrake is a classic flying ointment that is traditional at Samhain, sacred to Hecate, and is used in love magic.

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