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Do you believe in fairies?

This is my absolute favorite time of year. The windows are always open so fresh air fills the house with the sounds of birds. The lure of nature is constant.but there is something else, a stirring that makes the cat hop and twitch unexpectedly in the corner: fairies!

I know most people think it’s crazy but I believe. I have always felt their presence and always looked forward to Litha, the day the fairies go on parade.

My family is from Ireland and that may be why growing up looking for fairies seemed natural. Or I could just be a weirdo :). Either way I have spent a life chasing fairies and have not regretted a second of it.

This year Litha is in Taurus with a waning/Dark moon. Taurus means strong, long-lasting power especially for magic regarding the home. For me, this day will be of course about searching for fairies on a fun level but on a more serious level I will be focusing on communication and looking for answers in my personal life so that I am using the power of the moon for spirit communication.

Tips for communicating with the Fae:

  • Thyme: thyme has long been associated with fairies. Whether it is laying fresh sprigs of the herb across your eyes, wearing the oil, or strewing the herb, thyme is consistently used to attract the fae and see them.
  • Violet: it is believed that violet makes you immune to fairy magic. Wearing violet will spare you from pranks and protect you from memory loss spells so that you can remember any interaction.
  • Lavender: is there anyone who doesn’t find lavender soothing?
  • Elder: elder flowers are associated with the Goddess and the presence of elder flowers draws fairies to honor Her. On a side note, don’t include elder flowers in incense; you don’t want to risk angering the Goddess by burning elder wood.
  • Holey stones: hurray for holey stones! The stones with naturally occurring holes are deeply tied to the processes of life, the fabric of nature, and the hole is seen as opening a portal on Litha. Like thyme it is believed that looking through a holey stone on Litha will allow you to see the fae.
  • Garnet: Garnet is known for it’s ability to protect and boost courage. These properties have been used for nearly all traditional recipes for navigating a fairy ring, the natural circle that serves as a portal to the fairy realm.

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