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9 tips for surviving the holidays as an empath

Get a head start this season with 9 tips for surviving the holidays as an empath. The right selfcare can keep you grounded and make this a season of joy.

  1. Meditate and clean your chakras. I can’t state it enough; if you have a chance to take a deep breath in and exhale out a chakra take it. You’ll never be sorry that you did. You don’t have to understand chakra systems or even believe in them. You will still benefit tremendously and instantly by imagining yourself cycling through each chakra with an inhale and and exhale. It grounds and centers you, whether you believe in them or not. So why not? And if you decide to pursue further and see if there any areas you need to pursue personally based on tightness in the breath, that makes you a lighter happier person. There are no downsides here. Fast, easy, free.
  2. Glitter with stones – You’ll be dressing up a lot; don’t forget to include your favorite crystals as part of your wardrobe. Rubies are wonderful for a pop of color and energy; black tourmaline, obsidian, and jet will go with EVERYTHING and will protect and ground you. Smoky quartz is gorgeous, perfect with the LBD, and helps to keep your aura fresh. You can even keep any stone that you find comforting in a purse or pocket so that you can easily hold it in your receiving hand (opposite the hand you right with) and get the immediate care you need.
  3. Get a new plant baby. The delicate scent of water merging with soil creates a deeply evocative experience in your brain of being out in nature. Keep your baby’s leaves clean and make sure it gets lots of sun; these exercises are all good for you and provide gentle healing. Don’t be afraid to name and talk to your new baby; it’ll just grow stronger as you nurture each other.
  4. Full spectrum light bulbs. On the solstice will celebrate the longest night of the year. I don’t have to tell you that the days are shorter and how depressing that is. SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) hits us all to different degrees and that impact can change with variations in your stress. Full spectrum bulbs are very reasonable ($5-$10) as well as full spectrum lamps. Spending some time each day with full spectrum light, especially early in the day, can be really helpful in keeping you grounded. It will also make your plant baby very happy.
  5. Take sea salt baths. There is a reason that we find such comfort in the majesty of the ocean; we are designed to find healing from the mineral infusion and detoxification each time we spend time with Epsom and sea salts. It doesn’t have to be fancy and it doesn’t have to be long; just find some time every other week to spend with those critical water and earth elements to reconnect with nature when the cold keeps us too much inside. It grounds and heals.
  6. Drink lots of water and herbal tea – the air is dry and alcohol flows aplenty in the holidays making hydration critical for empaths this time of year. Our empathic sensitivity can include chemicals, preservatives, artificial scents and flavors as well as people and weather. Your body is a finely-tuned machine; make sure that it can operate like it should. If you don’t like water or want something warm, go for herbal teas.
  7. Use lists to stay organized and reduce stress. You’re going to get overwhelmed, we already know that LOL but we can limit the stress of the holidays if you make sure to get organized early. Make your lists so you know what has to get done this holiday season. It gives you a sense of control and keeps you on track, especially when the intensified energies of seasonal activities wear you down. It’s great to keep an extra generic gift around as well, just in case you’re left in that awful unprepared social faux pas.
  8. Keep your breathing exercises front and center in your toolbox for work events and parties. I like the deep exhale that focuses from the roof of your mouth. Practice with different techniques that work for you. I promise you can find a subtle, yet effective technique to keep you centered in the most challenging moments. Think Olivia Benson; yes, she’s a character, but as portrayed, she’s very good at working breathing exercises into high-stress situations. When you’re stuck in line at Costco behind the angriest family ever, you will be so glad that you know to smile and exhale down.
  9. Identify essential oils/essential oil blends that help you ground and recharge. The sense of smell is SO powerful; it helps us connect with memory, brings us back to our breath, and can have specific actions in our brain. This means if you find a super healing essential oil that is connected in your brain to a super happy childhood experience, every sniff will bring you joy. We’re not limited by our pasts, though. You can create new memories and new connections every day, including using guided meditations with specific oils. Have fun with different scents that speak to you and remember that there is nothing more powerful than that big breath in. Half the time I don’t put essential oils IN anything; I just open the bottle, smell, and smile.


Empath Selfcare for Joy

Don’t believe all the clickbait headlines. Being an empath can be deeply beautiful experience. The flood of energy around you can make you feel out of control and exhausted. You think the best you can do is find some empath protection.

You can change that.

Don’t believe me?

Do me a favor then. Right now. I want you to close your eyes and take a deep breath in. Hold it for a second and then let the air come out slowly.

Feel it? This is just the beginning.


Empath Protection ~ Empath Healing ~ Empath Energy

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