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9 thoughts on being an empath

I’ve been digging through different resources for you and there’s an idea about empaths that I don’t like and want your thoughts on.

Do you believe empaths are more sensitive to negative energies than positive ones? I don’t.

I promise that when I’m done with prepping the forum I’ll have a more cohesive argument for your thoughts but here are my initial feelings..
  1. Empaths are capable of sensing the range of human emotions, sometimes things we’re not even prepared to feel yet, but what we feel is determined by our surroundings, not our gift. This means that if the overwhelming feeling that you get is bad, you can change things ūüôā ¬†You are only trapped if you choose to be so. The reason that I started making products for empaths is that being in the presence of a true¬†empath is one of the sweetest, most beautiful experiences you can have. I mean this with the greatest respect and reverence: seeing an empath is like seeing a dog that LOVES you, full butt wiggle and all.
  2. What you do matters. Empaths don’t just receive energy, they can focus and project it as well. This can be a beautiful gesture that uplifts a room or, as is often the case, it can tear you down, as you target all the negative energy you receive against yourself. We have to remain vigilant and mindful that the emotions we feel are either peaceful or quarantined so that we don’t get lost in a powerful wave.
  3. Not all empaths are equal. As we are REALLY learning this year this world, the world is full of all kinds of different people and some of those people are at best unsavory. That’s true of empaths as well. Though I believe most empaths are ruled by compassion, some may choose morally easier routes. I know that many people are turned off by talk of a mission in life and if that’s you, that’s fine just please be aware that you were given a gift and you are responsible for how you use it. Always choose joy.
  4. Bad empaths are bad for everyone. I believe psychic vampires are often mean or unhappy empaths. They know which words will draw attention to them and how to suck all that is good out of a room. They thrive by manipulating good empaths into misplacing their compassion and love, but because all their energy is borrowed, they will never find true satisfaction, making them more frustrated and more dangerous. If you get a hair-raising feel from someone just walk away. We’re not meant to help everyone.
  5. There’s more of us than you think. I’ve heard that 20% of all people are empaths and as I’ve looked around¬†I think one of our biggest challenges is that we don’t know how to express what we feel or are embarrassed to be different.¬†. From new age to starseeds and indigo children to empath witches, there are a lot of us. And the sooner we come together to share and learn the more control we will have with our gifts.
  6. The struggle is real but we could be nearing answers. 15% of women in the US are on anti-depressants (we all know the overlap between anxiety, depression, and the excess energy of being an empath). Some of the exciting things I want to share with you are related to new studies coming out from the VA as they study soldiers with PTSD and have found that serious cases of PTSD correlate¬†with an enlarged emotional center in the brain, just as with empaths. They may be close to actually seeing what makes our brains different and why we may experience trauma differently or, alternatively, why those experiencing trauma become like us. I’m a giant nerd so this part is super fascinating to me ūüôā
  7. You’re probably¬†psychic ūüôā Some believe that all empaths are psychic to some extent and I think that makes sense. At the very least your gift can be used Mentalist style¬†if you focus ¬†on the feelings you receive.
  8. Meditation helps, I swear. If I could do one thing for you right now it would be to make meditation a daily habit to you, even if it’s just a couple minutes. Come back to your breath, come back to yourself. It’s the best decision you could make.
  9. We require special care. I believe that in part the witch’s familiar emerged because empaths love animals and a furry buddy is one of the best choices you can make. Summers are great when you can sit in the sun and walk barefoot in the grass but for most of us that’s a small part of the year. When the veil is thinning, nature grounding can be more difficult. ¬†Even if you hate baths, you should be taking salt baths in the fall/winter, especially October and November, so that you can have indoor nature treatments grounding you and repelling negative energy. Combine that with an intentional meditation and you’ve got your own special magic.

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