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5 Types of People to Limit Your Time with in 2018 – Empath Life Tips

We have Capricorn energy swirling around us now, inspiring us to make changes in our life and forcing us to face some choices we may have been putting off; use these empath life tips to make your easiest one raising the vibration of your circle and eliminating the narcissists and psychic vampires that hold you down.


Have you heard that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with? Think fast about who those five people are for you because there are five types of people that you really need to limit your time with to help focus your energy and find your joy.

As empaths we know what our family, friends, and co-workers are feeling, often more than we want to. Life can be hard and our truest friends can veer off course sometimes as they adjust to the realities of their own personal journey. We comfort and listen and commiserate.

Then there are those that are the succubi of life. They will never find contentment and they will suck you dry if let them. Watch for these 5 types in your life and adjust your boundaries accordingly, from limiting time to total avoidance.

  1. The whiner. You know who I’m talking about. She’s not a bad person, but she’s also never good. The good thing here is you don’t necessarily need to cut any permanent ties. We all go through rough patches BUT we all need to take responsibility for our own happiness and decisions. There is a line between learning and wallowing, and just like a rotten strawberry ruins your whole box, the constant pessimism of this type will lower your vibration and hopes. Trust your instincts to tell you when being supportive to them is being destructive to you. Good people will respect your boundaries.
  2. The psychopath. This is probably your CEO. Seriously have you ever looked at the over lap between top leaders and psychopathy? Psychopaths can be fully functioning, well adjusted people who are real assets to the their community because they understand the rules and are charming. It doesn’t mean that they care about you outside of their larger vision or mutual benefit. Don’t fall in love, don’t become dependent. This type only looks for value. As soon as they see none in you, you won’t see them. They are generally not so much vindictive as practical.
  3. The drama queen. There is never enough oxygen in the room with this type. When every conversation, every word, every action is centered around someone else, you are just giving your energy away. You will never be more than a prop or backdrop to this person so adjust your expectations and boundaries accordingly. Often this person is more a colleague than a friend, which can make it hard to limit time or interest. If it is a supervisor, know that they are incapable of seeing you separate from them so don’t ever look to them for real validation. They will only tell you how you impact them.
  4. The Psychic Vampire. Often this type seems so nice, maybe just needy. As an empath you sense their need and you nurture them. And then again. And they become a little much. A lot too much. Before you know it this person is inserted themselves inappropriately in your life or they are directly taking or overtly copying you like a Single White Female. Once you start to wonder where your boundaries went with this one, you waited too long. Incapable of feeling “OK”, the psychic vampire is like an addict, sucking as much of your time and attention as possible, and there is no filling the void inside of them. They will guilt you for abandoning them. They will try to make you feel responsible for their pain and joy. As long as let yourself be responsible for their joy, you will never feel your own.
  5. Hello, eggshells. Every empath knows what I am talking about, that person that sometimes scares the shit out of you. Always trust your instincts on this one. Usually it is a narcissist who makes you watch every step, because a narcissist thinks everything is about them (think drama queen on steroids). They have tightly drawn concepts of the world that allow them to believe in their own importance and when you run afoul of their interests, you cause a psychic rupture that they must address. You will never win and you will never exist wholly separate from this one. They will do what they must to maintain their constructed identity. When this is family, it’s damaging and incredibly destructive. You must make a break, at least for a while, to affirm your identity separate from your parents if this is familial. The alternative is lifetime of hollowness because the narcissist will never let you have a joy separate from them.


Empath Life Tips


  • Sea salt baths
  • Herbal teas
  • Aromatherapy – for boundaries, think Back Off Spray

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